LaTeX Editor Gummi 0.6.0 Released

I’ve been doing lots of document editing with LaTeX lately, so I was happy to see that a new version of my favorite LaTeX editor has been released. Gummi 0.6.0 adds many requested features. I’ve been looking forward most to continuous scrolling in the preview pane, but there’s now also tabbed editing, project support, and more compilation options.

Gummi 0.6.0

It would be nice if the spell checker would skip LaTeX commands. It looks like this issue is being worked on, but is waiting for a patch in the underlying spell-check library. I’ve also noticed that if you’re selecting text while the preview refreshes, the selection gets stuck (bug report).

Ubuntu packages for Gummi are available from the Gummi PPA.

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Eclipse with the latex plugin and live preview still seem like the best Linux editor. Especially if you use it for programming.


Anything done with java sucks, even a IDE like eclipse.

You should use kile , vim or lyx to do latex stuff

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