Upgrade to the Latest Compiz Fusion Release

Since the release of Ubuntu 8.04, Compiz Fusion has been updated to version 0.7.6. Been eying the new cylinder and sphere deformations effects or other new plugins? It’s not hard to upgrade Ubuntu 8.04’s version of Compiz to get the latest and greatest desktop effects.

Compiz with cylinder

You’ll need to add a new repository that contains recent Compiz packages. Open System->Administration->Software Sources. Select the Third-Party Software tab and click Add. Paste in the line below and click Add Source.

deb hardy main

Close Software Sources and when prompted, choose to reload the repositories.

A number of software updates related to Compiz should become available now; install them using Update Manager. Log out and back in to Ubuntu or restart Compiz manually. You should now be up-to-date.

Compiz with sphere and 3D windows

To take full advantage of the new version of Compiz, you need to configure the new effects from Compiz’s settings manager. If you had it installed previously, Advanced Desktop Effects Settings is now labeled as CompizConfig Settings Manager in the System->Preferences menu.

If it’s not there, install CompizConfig Settings Manager from the package compizconfig-settings-manager (click the link to install), or by running the command below in your terminal:

sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager

Be sure that your visual effects level is set to Custom in System->Preferences->Appearance->Visual Effects as to not override the advanced settings manager.

Want to try the new cylinder and sphere deformations shown in the screenshots? Open CompizConfig Settings Manager and turn on the Desktop Cube, Rotate Cube, and Cube Reflection and Deformation plugins. In General Options->Desktop Size, set the size to four horizontal. In Cube Reflection and Deformation->Deformation, select cylinder or sphere. Rotate the cube by moving the cursor while holding the left mouse button and pressing Ctrl-Alt.

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Thanks Tom, I’ve been wondering how to upgrade to this version for a while now.
It’s like you can read my mind…


Nice post!
Thanks for keeping me informed about the compiz update.


Happy Birthday Tom!!!

Tux World

thx for the tutorial. I’m going to update my compiz now.


Good stuff. I wonder where this will take the desktop: is the concept of individualized screens up for replacement by unbounded, navigable space?

For now, I’m loving the inverted cube with cylinder deformation. It looks fantastic with transparent caps and an animated skydome.


please help, i followed this tutorial and upgraded to the latest version of compiz but now everything is working as slow as molasses!!! how do i revert back to the old version?


Thank you, but I have a little problem about the standard 3D cube now…

I just tried the cylinder rotation, but I don’t like it. I now have the “Desktop Cube”, but I can’t find where to put an image for the bottom face. In “Desktop Cube” -> “Appearance” -> “Cube Caps” there is only an option for the top image, but not for the bottom image.

I used to have these to images:

Where can I pick the bottom image for the cube?

I am using CompizConfig Settings Manager on Ubuntu 8.04.


Whatever I try, switching workspaces just crashes compiz! Why is this happening?

Emil  Begtrup-Bright

Very nice, thanks!

Bert Van de Poel

ffujio: go to synaptic, search for compiz and go into the details of the compiz fusion packages, there in versions or in one of the menu’s you can force another version.

@Tom, is your compiz-fusion also running a bit slower than before, the cylinder seems to really pull my fps down.

Emil  Begtrup-Bright

It works perfect, but there is one drawback:

I usually downloads tons of stuff, and usually leave my laptop on for sharing and downloading. It’s a waste that my GPU is using maximum power when standing for hours doing almost nothing.

Surely one could make a script or something easily turned off/on, which would disregarded the script you show above? I don’t have the skillz for that, but would greatly appreciate a guide.


Thanks so much for this, I’ve seen these all over but I never figured out how to actually do it. And all it turns out to be is an update.
*bangs head against wall*


You can leave the deformation plugin on, but set the deformation to none. Then use that plugin’s settings to set the top and bottom cube caps.

Bert Van de Poel:
Nope, I haven’t noticed any performance issues.

Emil Begtrup-Bright:
You want to easily turn Compiz on and off? Try this:


First I want to say that compiz is awesome.

Second, their key bindings are just ridiculous.

alt-ctrl this, super-shift-ctrl that…

I set my mom’s new rig up like this:
app switcher: alt-tab
expo: ctrl-tab and alt-mouse3
flipper: super-tab
scale: shift-tab

That way everything is based off the tab key and it’s all easily accessible to the left hand.

Rotate is middle mouse button but I wish I could make it right+left mouse.


Can’t note performance issues on 8600gt


@Tom: whoups, this comment was actually intended for another ubuntu-tweak tip:

- but no matter, because your answered my question, thanks!

and BTW, I’ve been using ubuntu for 4 months now, and RSS subscribe to a dozen “ubuntu-tweak” sites, and your sites is without question the most relevant and useful, I appreciate it alot :)


also no issues on 8600gt-m, fps is still very high, i have noticed no difference on my laptop. on my desktop with an old ati x600, ive actually had IMPROVED performance. go figure.

and everyone, if you check a plugin and it deactivates itself, just restart your computer and come back it should be okay. worked for me. (still an ubuntu noob)


Thank you very much for your article, wouldn’t be bad to add a tutorial to get effects such as
…without screwing everything. I featured your post in our Latin American blog; greetings from Mexico!


I’m wanting to install the tile plugin now that I’ve upgraded. how would I go about doing that? thanks.


Thank you for your site and this article. I have upgraded compiz (which was not running well with my new KDE 4.1) to the version you give here (0.7.6) as you explain and now all is correct qith KDE 4.1 (plasma & plasmoids, multiple desktops…).

Best regards.


Thanks tom, I’ve been wanting to try out the cool new effects :)


I have a basic options in ubuntu 10.10 compiz.there is no sphere and no other options except cube.Can u help me please i am suffering with this problem from so many days.
help me

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