What's Been Bugging you in Ubuntu 8.04?

Since I last wrote about Ubuntu 8.04 after installing the beta, it has been generally stable but definitely beta quality. Here’s the bugs that have been bothering me, fixed and unfixed:

The good news, what’s been fixed:

What’s not fixed:

This is the first Ubuntu beta release that I’ve tested as my primary OS, but it seems to me that the beta is going well. What’s been bugging you in Ubuntu 8.04?

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What’s Been Bugging you in Ubuntu 8.04?

That I don’t have time to install it. ;)


I, personally, have not noticed any bugs. I dont do as much as a power user would, so for me, it’s is almost transparent.


Wireless! I know that everyone complains about this and it’s really not Ubuntu’s fault, but everything worked great on 7.10 and now it doesn’t. I own a Dell Inspiron 6400. With 7.10 I had to install ndiswrapper, blacklist the default driver, modprobe and wireless then worked. With 8.04 I repeated the procedure, went through countless threads in the forums and I couldn’t get wireless working. Everything else seemed pretty good.


Ever since updating I haven’t been able to share my music library with iTunes users in Rythmnbox, kind of a pain. But, other than that everything is running smooth. Oh yeah, HandBrakeGTK doesn’t want to work either.


Flash player plugin ( is 500% slower than windows. Its freez my comuter.


When I turn my monitor off, or it blanks out for sleep mode, my keyboard and mouse are dead. I have to do a hard restart to get them going again. This didn’t happen on 7.04 or 7.10.

That’s my only issue. I work around it by leaving my monitor on.


I’m having almost no issues with 8.04 on my Lenovo Y510 laptop, but no end of problems with my Dell 530n. It just won’t install on the Dell, and only boots into busybox. In recovery mode, the nvidia GeForce 8600GT-DDR3 drivers can’t be enabled, so it defaults to vga; don’t try doing dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg, because that’s being replaced, but it’s just not yet in place.

Since the Dell was bought Ubuntu-ready (came with 7.10 installed), I’m sure these issues will eventually be worked out. But certain apps I use for work I really want on my desktop – Tomboy and Vinagre are must-haves for me.

Also noticed that Evolution isn’t quite up to spec yet. The calendar module is supposed to integrate with Google Calendar, but that doesn’t seem to work. You can add a calendar, but each time you click on it, it asks for a password and doesn’t show the actual calendar. BUT I did get an alert I set up on Google Calendar, so it’s communicating at some level, just not graphically via Evolution.


Sometimes when I get a password prompt and Compiz Fusion darkens the background, the darkened background does not return to normal once the password prompt is gone. I have to either drag a window around or turn the cube to get the screen to be refreshed.

Thats the only major thing that has been bugging me.


I lost my sound, it wont work anymore. I gave up on fixing it for now.


I updated to the 8.04 beta a few days ago, and while this is a nice update I have three problems with it;
1. First of all, Firefox always starts in offline mode. This is pretty annoying. It is a known bug, so I hope it will be fixed soon.
2. Web pages scroll very slow. Have no idea why.
3. I am using kiba-dock - two of its features don’t work (for me) in hardy. Hopefully I will find a way to fix this.

Besides these problems, some of my Firefox extensions cannot be used in Firefox 3.


It’s the little things that are bugging me. Numlock won’t be on at boot, no matter what I do. Power management for the monitor still doesn’t work for me. Compiz is still giving me crashes once every few minutes to once every few hours.

All that said, I’m generally pretty happy.


xserver-xgl doesn’t works…


I first tried upgrading to hardy beta, using the update manager.
The sound got all messed up. Sounded like the speakers had been broken (everything was just a loud, noizy crap).

The cpu was pumping constantly at 100%, and everyting was really slow and sluggish (like if I scrolled down a web page in firefox, it was hicking like it does when you dont have installed drivers for you graphic card in windows (get me?))

After a complete reinstall of hardy beta (using the live cd), the sound came back. Btw, I also deleted all the hidden folder in my home folder in case anything was messing up there. The sound came back, but the CPU was still running at full speed.
And when the cpu was running on full speed, my laptop became so hot, that it was actually a little bit sceary.

So I went back to Gutsy, and will now wait for the official release (not even the RC), and hope for the best

Bert Van de Poel

Well, what bothers me is the usplash error that has been in there for some time now on 64bit systems with 8xxx-series of Nvidia (usplash isn’t showing, the monitor goes into power-saving (bug 147623)


I decided to install 8.04 as my primary OS, but then I quickly changed my mind when trying to use apt I got “ GLIBCXX_3.4 .9’ not found (required by apt-cache)“. I could find no easy fix for this problem.


Hardy x86 wouldn’t run for more than 5 seconds after upgrading my RAM from 1GB to 5GB. Downloaded x64, and same problem.

Back to Gutsy for now, and have been running folding@home for 18 hours with no problems.


had a few problems when i upgraded from gutsy, reported some bugs, and lots of progress made,
got given an imac at work, fresh hardy install, no problems yet (except for bash completion, which i solved after a quick search), amazingly fast, i’m smiles all round, awaiting final.


on lenono r61

SDL Games don’t work with intel driver :(

I cant adjust screen brightness

Something is wrong with alsa for applications not using pulse

All the above work on gutsy so im hoping the all get fixed yet


Sadly it seems like almost all of the bugs I reported or confirmed in Gutsy are still bugs in Hardy. I’m running through them now and adding them to a list here:

And I’ve found some additional bugs, some that I’ve reported, some that I’m still investigating.


I’ve been hoping the long boot time that was introduced in Gutsy (It wasn’t a problem in Feisty) would be fixed with this newer version. It takes 3 minutes to boot my laptop and I heard Hardy’s boot up times are even longer so I’m reluctant to install it until someone reports that the problem has been fixed (or restored to Feisty boot up times).


Screenlets work erratically.


I removed the pre-installed Firefox 3 after upgrading to 8.04 beta and installed Firefox 2 through Adept Manager. However, Firefox 2 doesn’t recognize that Java plugin (I confirmed that it’s the latest version) has been installed (through about:plugins).

This quite bothers me because I can’t use the photo uploader powered by Java from Facebook, I have to use the alternative uploader.

Apart from that, I didn’t encounter any major bugs.


It took me several hours to get my wireless card (Broadcom) to work. I also had to disable IPV6.

Every few hours my laptop would lock-up and a hard restart was the only way out. That took me most of the day to fix.

If windows are maximized in Firefox or Thunderbird the top bar gets all out of whack.

I miss all of my Firefox add-ons but that’s not Ubuntu’s fault.


Artwork, brothers n sisters! it has always been the artwork! is ti very difficult to get a decent artwork?
the brownish theme should really be replaced whereas major applications out there are designed in blue,red, white theme and none of these go with the brownish human theme. Off course you can simply say: change it! but i think a nice theme will attract more people. I switch to ubuntu a year ago and no turn back to MS since then, wanna know my first impression about ubuntu? ugly and simple. If it wasn’t my company policy to use Linux, i’d probably still stick with MS today. But now i loveeee it!


I got a new inspiron 530s since they happened to be on sale right when my old computer died last week. 7.10 installed ok, but I had issues with even the Beta Live CD for 8.04. The workaround I had to use which I did not need on previous versions was to pass along the kernel parameter acpi=off

My computer wouldn’t boot at all without that change.


I’m wondering why Ubuntu has to upgrade every six months? I’m thinking it might be better if there was a major new release once a year. It’s impressive that they are able to maintain such a development schedule, but there’s the inevitable pain of having to upgrade (although I suppose you don’t HAVE to) every six months to find that stuff that worked before maybe doesn’t or not as well. For the small increment in features between releases (Hardy doesn’t seem that different to Gutsy, and Gutsy works great!) maybe a longer development cycle would cause less hassle for developers and users.

Just some thoughts.


@budiyanto, for the love of god, tell me where you work!


Support for Chaintech AV-710 audio out of the box has been broken.. The infamous Eeprom Ver 1 error… Also having to force Update Manager to check for updates when manually launched, or it will not see any updates…


“After installing an updated kernel today (April 1), new linux-ubuntu-modules and linux-restricted-modules have not been uploaded so booting the newer kernel causes problems with drivers”

So *that’s* what happened. Thank you! I couldn’t figure out what the heck happened to my wireless card config.

Come to think of which, I’m doing my updates now (april 3rd, 2pm PST) and *-modules and *-restricted-* have both been uploaded/updated, which would also explain the 17.9mb download.


Well - where to start. As the fool I was - being a gamer at the time - I bought the Asus A6JA laptop, which sadly has an ati x1600 video card.

For those familiar with ati and linux, knows that ati drivers are not near as good as nvidia or intels driver. Sadly for me even the open ati driver does not work with my card. Sometime near the end of last year ati drivers got better though, got faster and even has some aiglx support (so you can run compiz). But even tho one of those drivers are in Hardy - it really does not work that well. And especially since Hardy will enable compiz by default when you install the driver this is a major failure.

So far I have had 2-3 x-restart without any reason. And actually what I think was a kernel panic. And I have been running hardy for a week.

What I dislike this far:
1. Hardware Manager did not notify me by default that there was an ati driver, but stuck to the standard vesa driver. (which is to slow)

2. Ati driver install enables compiz by default which I expect causes the x-crashes - although I am not sure of this I am testing it now.

2.5 Ati driver (fglrx) with compiz is slow an laggy so it might actually scare some people and therefore it should not enable compiz by default.

3. Clicking on the clock (to bring up the calendar) has caused me 2 gnome-hardlocks (I actually had to go to a console and slay my user, restarting X was not enough)

4. Pulseaudiointegration is not good enough yet - and the default tools actually lacks some nice features pulseaudio has. For instance the ability to control the volume of each stream (each application outputting sound). Moving a stream to other sink (I have both laptop speakers and an external usb-soundcard with connected speakers)

What I like (numbers are random, not by priority):
1. Alltray now works even if compiz is enabled

2. My printer - HP Laserjet 1020 was detected and installed automaticly. (in gutsy you have to manually download some firmware and extract it to an excact location.

3. Firefox3 which kiiiiiiicks Firefox2s ass. Firefox 2 with many tabs - some containing flash was a nightmare before - sometimes causing crashes but most of the time just making firefox really slow. Not it runs pretty smooth - sadly not as fast as windows.

4. Pulseaudio rocks - although not good enough implemented yet.I used it in gutsy to, and I know it is the way to go.

This is what I have for now =)


Pulse Audio does not work with Audigy 1 ( and maybe SBLive! or other sound card in the Audigy series).
The tools for PulseAudio are not installed by default.
Anyway my guess is that the final release will have these fixed.

Several unsuccessful Wubi-8.04 install attempts on Windows XP

I was hoping to try out 8.04 on my work desktop where we are forced to use XP. I am happy with my 7.04 for my personal laptop needs and will need convincing reasons to upgrade. So I tried installing a few revisions of Wubi-8.04, but was not successful. Looks like some work needs to be done there. Some of the problems were similar to these (though none of the suggested solutions helped):


Installed 8.04 no problem with Wubi on an HP pavilion dv6000 series.

One showstopper is that my cursor loses focus randomly after typing a few words it’s extremely annoying. Sometimes just pops up a context menu or whatever it lands it focus on. Can’t remember if this only happened on firefox textboxes, i think it was in other editors too.

broadcom wireless is still dodgy, just could not get it to work with feisty and decided on windows for the laptop, seems people are having more success with 8.04, so will try again to get it working. If not, than i will probably just uninstall all traces again on the laptop.

I’ll probably use ubuntu next install at work.

Chris Lees

I’ve only used the live disc, but I’ve only noticed a couple of bugs.

One non-critical one is that if you use Apt-get from the command-line, even after you’re finished the tooltip for update-notifier will still say “A package manager is running”, even though the icon has changed back. I’ve filed it on Launchpad.

Pulseaudio doesn’t seem to work yet, but if I just put all the options in the Gnome Sound panel to my ALSA device, that works fine.

Jockey (formerlly Restricted Drivers Manager) doesn’t list any restricted drivers for my graphics card, where the drivers definitely exist. I’ve filed it on Launchpad.

Otherwise I’m very pleased with the beta, especially the newish theme.


After doin the upgrade last night from 7.10 to 8.04; I woke up this morning 27.4. 8am to see some fresh porn to discover that flashplayer is not workin, neither adobe nor gnash….. is it for security sake ? then… let it be, otherwise … GDFTGDONTCVHGNEED JFJFNO WORDSGFSDHERE

get of my back and stop fooling me


it is very annoying. flash, java does not work with firefox 2. I don’t want to use firefox 3 yet. I had to use java plugin, so i used firefox 3 for it and everything was screwed up with my settings. Whenever i restart my computer, it changes the layout of panels.


I have a Toshiba A200 with ATHeros 802.11 wifi which I cannot get working on UBuntu 7 and 8.04

I have tried installing ndiswrapper and getting the WIndows drivers… all other options have also failed.

ALl of my IT/programmer mates tell me that Linux is stable and better than WINdows in which I totally agree. BUt for someone that has not had fun playing around with OS’s like MSDOS since I was a kid, it’s difficult to start learning a new OS and I have spent literally hours trying to get my wireless card (which UBuntu HArdware DRivers says the driver is working and “in use”).
Vista works perfectly with my wireless gear however it is very sluggish which is why I have an XP and UBuntu partition also. JUst a shame that I must reopen Vista everytime I am on the road and need to use wireless.

I hope you others out there manage to get your wireless networks operational with as little hassle as possible.



My screen brightness function keys do not work under Ubuntu 8.04, so I have to switch to Vista every time I want to adjust my screen brightness. Although I tried to fix this problem using so many trips suggested in various Ubuntu community, it does not work. Even the new one belows also does not work for my Fujitsu Lifebook6500:
So if you have the same problem just like me,please have my moral support for all your effort to solve this problem.


When i Updated to Ubuntu 8.04(stable), i found that my geforce fx 5200 no longer worked (it went in to fall back every time), briefly i remedied the problem by installing the drivers from the nvidia website, as i said, this didn’t help much 2-3 reboots later when it reverted back to Ubuntu’s failsafe driver. I also didn’t like Firefox 3, as a lot of extensions that i had installed no longer worked (and as a result didn’t uninstall). My Firefox profile was cleared to fix the problem.
Thanks guys, hope you fix your problems.

humanity to all.


I switched from Windows and installed Version 7.x and it took me several hours to learn how to get my wireless card running.

I learned about NDISWRAPPER and blacklisting and finally got it running.

Upgraded to 8.x and now wireless is broken again. I figure I only need to load the Broadcom firmware again but the gui for Restricted Drivers is gone.

When I go to Hardware Drivers the Broadcom firmware does not show up.

More for me to learn, SIGH.
How the heck to install the Boradcom firmware that I already have?


I have just upgraded to firefox 3.0 on the ubuntu 8.4 beta and now it doesn’t work, so I can’t even surf the net. Well, I tried to uninstall the 3.0 version so I have the 2.0 one wich worked fine, and I can’t do it. The synaptic package manager notifies me that the file can’t be found in the server.

Does anybody have the same problem. Could anybody help me how to get the last version of firefox so I can have a web browser working correctly?


You don’t need to uninstall Firefox 3, install the firefox-2 package and you can have both versions at once.


google video, youtube have a very bad sound…maybe pulse


Thank you Tom, I’ll try to do it…


Sometimes my wireless aplet doesn’t startup to connect to the internet when I turn the computer on. Other times it starts just fine. Dell Inspiron E1705 with Broadcom wireless.


Why is it so damn hard to install printers? I am trying to install a Dell 710 printer, installed all the drivers, installed redhat, etc. The printer clicks to do a test page, and then stops.


Gigabit network transfers only under 9MB/s
Previously i got about 50MB/s with ubuntu 7.10
And i can´t change samba password different than sudo password
I dont understand why this release have bugs in things that have worked so long in every distro

If i would use ubuntu as desktop i am pretty sure that other things come up too.


I was using 7.10 for about a year and i made clean install of 8.04 few days ago becouse I was reformating partitions on my hard drive.. Generaly, 8.04 works, but personaly, 7.10 was a lot more stable. First, firefox 3 is totaly useless, when I start it, it needs about a minute to load, and even then it’s constantly swaping something, so the led of the HD is constantly on. Also, it crashes every minut.. totaly unusable.
Next, there is problem with the sound, only front speakers of my 5.1 system are working, and even they work very weak, so I must put the volume knob on them to the 23 of max (all software volume knobs are on 100%) just to have normal laudness.. It probably has to do something with 8.04 using PULSE instead of ALSA. Also, the transmission torrent program is iritating, it can’t even continue download properly, everytime I restart system it losses up to several % of downloaded material.. Also i found the next bug: try running top program in terminal as root (“sudo top”) and close terminal window in which it is running.. CPU usage jumps to 100% until the “top” process isnn’t killed. This wasn’t happening in 7.10.

I realy like Ubuntu and 7.10 worked perfectly, but this few problems on 8.04 really iritate me!


Network Manager, if you disable wireless, no option to enable it.

Power management flaky, usually must shut down my laptop vs allowing it to hibernate.

Wasn’t too thrilled t find out no “upgrade” option for 8.10, i don’t want to nuke my whole system to install newer version.

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