How-to Install Fonts in Ubuntu

[update] This process has changed in Ubuntu 8.04 and higher. See How to Install Fonts in Ubuntu 8.04 for updated instructions.

Want to add some fonts you downloaded to your Ubuntu system? The Nautilus file manager includes an interface for adding fonts. Using Nautilus is the easiest way to add fonts to Ubuntu.

Press Alt-F2 to open the run dialog. Type the following into the text box and click “Run”.


The window that opens allows you to copy and paste new font files to install them.

Ubuntu fonts

For applications to see new fonts they needs to be restarted. If you are looking for a font, I would recommend Dafont.

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Are you able to take fonts from your windows font folder and add them to Ubuntu?


I didn’t try that, but it should work.

Ummm? seriously!?

Isn’t there any other method to install fonts under Gnome?. That’s pathetic. They have a lot to learn form KDE.

Peter Gasston

You can do the same thing by just typing that address straight into the Nautilus address bar.

What Gnome really needs is a font manager like Suitcase, where you can install fonts temporarily rather than having a hugely inflated fonts folder. Fonty Python is the best I’ve seen so far, but development seems to have stalled.

@Devo4343: Yes, you can.


Thank you!!!


A good way to start copying fnts:
This is needed from this post/article.


cool, Just what i was looking for - thanks, going uder my bookmarks


doesnt work for me on Hardy.


Press alt+F2 and type: gksu nautilus /usr/share/fonts/truetype,
then open ttf folder and paste your fonts. That’s all!


See the top of this post for a link to updated instructions.


@Pako - Thanks, man; I thought I was missing something when the version outlined didn’t work for me (and since I’m new to ‘nix figured it was my fault…). Yours worked like a charm, sir, thanks again!

R. Jayaram

Fonts of other languages appear in english in openoffice org 2.4. How to install these properly?


Angel Mass

Not working for me on Ubuntu 8.10, I got this:

Couldn’t display “fonts:///”.
Nautilus cannot handle fonts: locations.


this not worked in ubuntu 8.04, same problem like Angel said :(


Angel Mass & moshfiq:
See the updated instructions for Ubuntu 8.04 and higher:

Bipin Baglung

Only pako’s idea solved my problem
Thank you a lot. Simple and greatest idea. I had tried a lot already but failed.


well i am not able to run doc files with chess fonts even after installing files in usr/share/fonts/truetype
don’t know why is this happening but it is


Make a folder named .fonts in your home folder and paste all .ttf fonts there you also could copy them from windows\fonts . That’s all :)
P.S. May be you should activate “Show hidden files” by pressing CTRL+H
Enjoy :)

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