Due to GVFS replacing GNOME-VFS in the GNOME desktop environment, in Ubuntu 8.04 my preferred way of installing fonts doesn’t work anymore. In GNOME versions prior to 2.22 you could navigate to fonts:// in the file browser and drag and drop to install fonts. Doing this in Ubuntu 8.04 gives the error:
Nautilus cannot handle fonts: locations

You can still drag and drop to install fonts using a different folder: .fonts in your home folder.

This folder may not exist by default. Open your home folder in the file browser, and select View->Show Hidden Files. If you can’t find the .fonts folder, create it.

You can copy any TTF font file into this folder and it will become available immediately to applications after they are restarted. You can get TTF fonts from the Internet, or even a Windows system.

If you’re looking for Microsoft’s core fonts for the web, you can install them from the Ubuntu repositories. Simply install the package msttcorefonts, which requires the multiverse repository to be enabled.

Red Hat has created replacements for the MS core fonts, called the Liberation fonts. You can install these from the package ttf-liberation.

There’s a variety of other fonts available in the Ubuntu repositories, with package names starting with ttf-. One I particularity like is ttf-inconsolata, a nice monospace font. Here’s inconsolata compared to the default monospace font:

inconsolata compared to the default monospace font

If you haven’t already, don’t forget to adjust your font rendering options to your liking in System->Preferences->Appearance->Fonts.

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