Revolutionary New Panel Now Available in Ubuntu 7.10

[update] You may also be interested in Mayanna, the successor to Gimmie.

Gimmie is a unique desktop organizer and panel replacement for the GNOME desktop environment. The easiest way is to use Gimmie is as a panel applet in the GNOME panel, but there is also a stand-alone version as well. Gimmie is even being considered for the next version of GNOME.

In Ubuntu 7.10, the Gimmie panel applet is very simple to install. [update: Whoops, an slightly older version of Gimmie is also available in Ubuntu 7.04.] Open a terminal and use this apt-get command to install it:

sudo apt-get install gimmie

Gimmie will then be available to add to your panel. Right click on an empty space on your GNOME panel and click “Add to Panel…” to open the applet browser. Find Gimmie under the utilities section, select it, and click “Add”.

Gimmie is composed of 4 topics (menus): Linux, Programs, Library, and People.


The Linux topic is close to what you would think of as a typical main menu. You can launch your favorite applications, open recent files, view places & devices, and log out.

Gimmie Linux

The Programs topic is a list of all your applications. Buttons on the side allow you to view your different categories.

Gimmie Programs

The Library topic is used for getting quick access to your files. You can view your recent files, documents, notes, media, and downloads. One feature is development is Google Docs integration, that could switch me to Gimmie alone.

Gimmie Library

The People topic provides simple instant messaging capabilities.

Gimmie People

Once the final Ubuntu 7.10 is released I will definitely try using Gimmie full time. The future Google Docs integration is very cool, integration with web services will be very appealing as more and more people switch to online applications like Goggle Docs. To see were Gimmie is heading, take a look at their roadmap.

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Amrit Hallan - HowToPlaza

That’s great. I’ve been planning to switch to Linux (Ubuntu) and even downloaded the latest version (7.10 I think) but then I thought why mess up with things when everything is working? But I do want to try it, and I have no spare machine. My laptop has Win XP, and it is not partitioned. Can I install Ubuntu without risking current applications and data and use my laptop with dual boot facility?

Asbjørn Ulsberg

All but the first image exists in /dev/null it seems… They return 404 at least. Anyway, this looks like an awesome panel I definately will try out.


Amrit, look into Wubi for the time being, though I would suggest making a full switch sometime in the future.


Amrit Hallan,
If you are just starting with Linux, make sure you downloaded the stable version, Ubuntu 7.10 is in beta right now.

The Ubuntu installer can resize you Windows partition for dual booting. I have never had a problem, but resizing a Windows partition could be risky, so make sure you are backed up first.

As yodasama said, look into Wubi. Wubi is a safer way of dual booting where the Linux file system is contained in a single file, no repartitioning is needed.

Tom Dryer

David Short

Yes I agree, Gimmie is great !
I think it is helping me to manage repetitive tasks in a much easier way than previous concept of interaction.

Yours Sincerely.


Is there a kubuntu equivalent to Gimmie?
Can gimmie be used on a KDE kicker panel?


I don’t think it’s possible to use Gimmie on the KDE panel, but perhaps the stand-alone version of Gimmie would work.


I am so impressed with how much closer linux is getting to the desktop. I’m actually excited because I’m a lifelong MS Windows user and I now realize that they aren’t the best thing out there. I thank “” for showing that there are better things out there. I’m now a happy ubuntu user.



While this is very thoughtful, I do believe Gnomes Online Desktop (Fedora 8 is due to feature it upon final release on 11/08/07) will be more revolutionary.


This is just what my desktop needed - thanks for the great app.



Seif Lotfy

Gimmie 0.2.8 is out
try it and help us improve it


Gimmie is my favorite menu. I have switched to KDE and miss it! Any chance it will be available for KDE????

- Lo


Wow! Just tried Gimmie. I like it very much.

Nathan R. Hale

I wish Gimmie had keyboard shortcuts. It’s not fun to be on a keyboard roll and then be interrupted to go the mouse!


hmm interesting app… if only I didn’t need to run it in term.



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