With Giver, you can share files between desktops on your network with absolutely no configuration necessary. Other Giver clients are automatically discovered using Avahi.

Giver is a simple file sharing desktop application. Other people running Giver on your network are automatically discovered and you can send files to them by simply dragging the files to their photo or icon shown in Giver. There is no knowledge or set up needed beyond what the person looks like or their name to use Giver.

I use Synergy to seamlessly control my laptop and desktop with one mouse and keyboard. The only thing missing is a way to quickly transfer files between the two machines. Giver is perfect for this.

Giver is only available from the universe repository in Ubuntu 8.10 or higher. Install Giver from the package giver (click the link to install), or by running the command below in your terminal:
sudo apt-get install giver

Launch Giver from Applications->Internet->Giver. The Giver Recipients window will open.

recipients window

Open Giver on another computer in the same network, and a new recipient to appear automatically. To transfer a file, click the recipient and select Give a file or Give a folder. You can also drag and drop files onto a recipient to send them.

On the receiving computer, a notification will appear asking whether to accept the file. Received files are placed on the desktop by default.

Giver notification

If you close the recipients window Giver will continue run in the notification area. Clicking the Giver icon will re-open the recipients window. Right-click on the icon to close Giver, or open the preferences.

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