Workarounds for Unrecognized Clicks in Flash Player

So far the only issue I’ve had switching to 64-bit from 32-bit Ubuntu has been Flash. In some Flash content, mouse clicks are not recognized. Everything looks correct, but any left clicks are ignored. Most notably, the problem affects YouTube videos. Here’s the Ubuntu bug report.

A 64-bit browser can not load 32-bit plugins. On 64-bit systems, this is worked around using a plugin viewer called nspluginwrapper that can load 32-bit plugins. The bug seems to be caused by an interaction between some changes to GTK, nspluginwrapper, and Adobe’s Flash Player. Adobe needs to update their plugin to fix the problem.

I’m using Ubuntu 10.04 64-bit with Flash Player installed from the flashplayer-installer package (via Ubuntu Restricted Extras). The following workarounds worked for me:

Workaround 1: disable desktop effects. Open System->Preferences->Appearance and select the Visual Effects tab. Select None to turn off desktop effects. The issue should be immediately resolved.

Workaround 2: tell GTK to use its old behavior for the Flash Player. If you don’t want to lose desktop effects, this is probably the solution you’re looking for. Press Alt-F2 to open the Run Application dialog and paste the following command:

gksu gedit /usr/lib/nspluginwrapper/i386/linux/npviewer

You will be prompted for your password so you can edit the configuration file. Add this line as the second to last line in the file:


The file should look like this when you are done:

. /usr/lib/nspluginwrapper/noarch/npviewer

You will need to refresh the page with Flash content for this fix to take effect.

Both workarounds work on my system in Firefox and Chrome. As a last resort, you can also try installing Adobe’s pre-release (and possibly buggy) Flash Player for 64-bit, but I have not tried this myself.

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Why dont you use the native 64-bit flash player?


The Adobe 64-bit Flash is working great here - after long headaches with the Ubuntu native version, I uninstalled it and plugged in Adobe’s version. I can’t say its great (and I’m going to try the workarounds you suggest) but at least it doesn’t take out the browser when it crashes!


I’ve been using the 64 bit plugin for as long as it’s been available. It drastically lowers cpu usage on my machine –t7500 core 2 duo– and has far fewer problems than the plugin wrapper in every regard. The only problem is it can’t do digital rights protected flash like hulu— however, the huludesktop seems to run just fine on 64 without having to use pluginwrapper.

I would highly recommend the 64 bit version. Much fewer headaches.

Kevin Guertin

Which is it?



‘export GDK_NATIVE_WINDOWS=1’ ??

You mention both.


Thanks, fixed.


like everybody here suggested. the 64 bit version works great..and really easy to install via ubuntu-tweak.


Works great. Many thanks for this tip!


You can also keep your right mouse button pressed as you left click.

Fish Kungfu

Holding down the right mouse button at the same time worked for me. You can also just press the “Tab” key, which will put a yellow selection box around clickable items, then just press the “Enter” key to “click” them.

Slackware_64 13.1, Fluxbox 1.1.1


I’ve never used the Ubuntu flash player, I always download the 64 bit version from Adobe and it still doesn’t recognize left clicks. I turn desktops effects off, but I will try the second workaround.


Download this file ..

Flash 64

Make the file executable and click on it and enjoy the flash 64

Ivan Camilo Vásquez

My work around was to hold the right click and then left click. Works like a charm!


sudo apt-get remove flashplugin-installer
cd /tmp
tar zxvf
sudo mv /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/

That’s all.


Thanks Tom…
This worked great!


thank u! 2nd solution worked great for me :-)


How about a PPA for the 64-bit flash player.

This way you will get the latest update for the 64-bit version.


Thanks, this has worked for me. This method is especially useful now that Adobe has killed the 64bit player for Linux.
My only remark is that it wasn’t not enough to refresh the page to make it work, I had to restart Firefox.


you sir, are a genius. Been trying to find a fix for ages! Been using google chrome as a workaround.


You should not use the native 64bit Flash Adobe Labs version anymore. Adobe discontinued the support for it after Version, a version which got many serious security vulnerabilities[1]. The current version is

If you want to remove the unsupported 64bit “Labs” version and switch to the safe 32bit wrapper, have a look at [2].



This worked great, I was using 64 bit flash, and now that isn’t safe. :( So I was back to the fix/32 bit on 64 and hating life clicking to no action.


Fabulous! Now if only you could tell me how to get flash to go fullscreen, I’d be much happier! Thanks!


Good news: Adobe released a new 64bit Labs version yesterday. If you want to use it, you may be interested in some manual installation instructions[1] and/or a 64bit Flash installation/update script[2] for Ubuntu Linux.


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