First Look at Ubuntu 10.04 Alpha 1

During the development of Ubuntu 9.10 I got used to running the development version on my netbook. I like installing updates every few days to see new improvements be added (and don’t depend on my netbook to get work done), so I installed Ubuntu 10.04 “Lucid Lynx” Alpha 1.

My netbook is an Eee PC 901. Everything works out of the box with the latest versions of Ubuntu. I use the Ubuntu Netbook Remix, but there doesn’t seem to be an alpha release of it available yet so I installed the normal Ubuntu desktop. I downloaded Lucid Lynx Alpha 1 and created a live-USB system using USB Startup Disk Creator.

After booting the live system the network manager notification icon was missing, and I couldn’t connect to my wireless network. Killing nm-applet and restarting it fixed this.

The Ubuntu installer now has a “Update this installer” button on the language selection screen. I was hoping this would mean I wouldn’t have to install updates after booting the new system, but all this button does is install the latest version of the installer application. Once the update finished, the installer restarted and the update button disappeared.

I haven’t had any problems with the installed system, but there isn’t much of a noticeable difference from 9.10 yet. Here’s a few changes I did notice:

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I like the change made to the software store. 10.04 seems like it’s long way s off, but it will be here no time. :)


Hi. I actually don’t think they need to change the software center again. we should not paint the picture as if Ubuntu is still unsure of what its software hub should be and look like.

I think dropping the overly complex and mostly ugly GIMP is a great idea. The space it takes up can actually be used to provide other applications that will actually be used by Ubuntu’s user base, most of whom are noobs.

We can only wait to April 2010 and see what the Lucid Lynx also brings to the table. BTW good review, really liked the simplicity of it :-)


Will Lucid have any substitute for GIMP? Will GIMP still be available in the repositories for later installation?


Hopefully, there will either be a replacement, or GIMP will be available. Not all of us are total noobs, and although I do most of my photo editing in Windows 7 Adobe Photoshop Elements, it is nice to have a Linux program to use as well. I work with RAW imagaes, so I need a fairly sophisticated program for my editing.


The software store now looks very nice but I would prefer I the next release was more concentrated on fixing bugs, adding better codecs, and generally making as much hardware work as possible rather than adding a load of fancy new features. ( admittedly the fancy new features are rather nice)

Henk Hovis

I think the most users would be happy when Ubunti 10.04 came with a “system restore option” due to an update it is impossible for me to use kmail any more.


hmmm….well 10.04 seems ok at this stage of alpha 1,slight improvement on startup speed,hoping it will sorted by final release,then under places -network i cant even see my windows machines on my entire network,it just shows an icon of windows network,(am running a test home network system,so at these point i dont think they is cause for alarm,coz my network has about 7 pcs running ubuntu and 2 more running on windows),lets see what alpha 2 has


That’s funny. I never knew people hated GIMP. I use GIMP a lot. It makes my facebook pictures prettier. :)

Another Linux User

Can’t believe they would dump GIMP. It’s not the most user friendly application out there, but I never could find a suitable alternative (bar GIMPshop.)

I guess ditching GIMP will provide more room for otehr applications.

@Henk Hovis Many people want a ‘system restore’ style application in Ubuntu. It can be done manually using backup software, but can be a pain to set up!


@Dave - yes it will still be available in the repositories. And by default a more simple graphical program like paint will be installed.


Gimp is still in the repository. I am not sure why they decided to drop in the default apps but it was an extra little thing to help sell a windows user who has used gimp to make the jump to ubuntu.

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