Ubuntu 10.04 Code Named "Lucid Lynx"

The feature freeze for Ubuntu 9.10 has been in effect for a while now, so it’s time for the next Ubuntu release to be announced. Mark Shuttleworth has done this speaking to UbuCon at the Atlanta Linux Fest. The video of the announcement is from YouTube is embedded below.

In the video the code name for Ubuntu 10.04 is revealed: “Lucid Lynx”. As this release fits into the two year long term support schedule, it will receive the LTS designation. A few details about what this version will entail are given in the video. Ubuntu 10.04 “Lucid Lynx” will focus on GNOME 2 rather than GNOME 3, which will be adopted in subsequent releases. The server edition will focus on cloud computing and support for large scale web infrastructure.

Ubuntu 10.04 should be released in April 2010.

[update] Mark Shuttleworth has formally introduced Lucid Lynx in written form.

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Robert Jensen

Personally I’ve always had troubles with the .o4 versions of Ubuntu. It wasn’t until 7.10 that ATI video drivers (once the restricted drivers were installed) worked without a lot of digging and modifying of files.

Of course that seems to have been broken again with 9.04 so I’m looking, and crossing my fingers, that 9.10 will work better.

kamaraj M

Well . I was interested in Linux , got Ubuntu and Mandriva , installed them both . But what is the use , if I am unable to get my dial up Internet connection ? I am using Huawei wireless modem in my windows . Through’ Linux forums so many ideas were given to install that windows drive into Linux . But nothing worked . So, again I had to discard my Linux n re-migrate to windows . Would you please make easy these things in your new versions ?


kamaraj: Huawei modems are all supported natively by network manager. You should be able to plug in and go.


sticking with 9.04, literally unable to open anything after upgrade from 9.04 to 9.10, or a full clean install of 9.10

8.10 and 9.04 are ok.

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