Install Firefox 3.5 in Ubuntu 9.04 using Ubuntuzilla

Firefox 3.5In my previous post on installing Firefox 3.5 on Ubuntu 9.04, I explained how to install Ubuntu’s firefox-3.5 package. As several commenters and I realized, this may not be the best solution. The package is branded Shiretoko instead of Firefox 3.5, including the user agent string which can cause compatibly problems with some websites.

Manually downloading and installing Firefox from Mozilla every time there is a security update is not a great option either. Instead, let’s use Ubuntuzilla, a script that can install and update Mozilla applications outside of Ubuntu’s repository system.

Ubuntuzilla can integrate the new version of Firefox into your system as well as undo its changes if you want to go back. All your extensions, bookmarks, plugins, and settings should transfer over to the new version. The only thing that didn’t transfer was my open tabs from my previous session.

  1. Visit the Ubuntuzilla download page to find the latest deb package appropriate for your system (32 or 64-bit). Download and install the package.

  2. At this point you should completely close Firefox.

  3. You’ll need to use a terminal to let Ubuntuzilla guide you through the installation. Run this command to start: -a install -p firefox
  4. Near the end of the process you should see The new Firefox version 3.5 has been installed successfully.

You can now use your normal Firefox item in the menu to start Firefox 3.5, or by running the command firefox. Check out Ubuntuzilla’s website for the simple removal instructions as well as what do do when you are notified there is a Firefox update available.

[update] Mozilla has released Firefox 3.5.1. I followed the instructions on Ubuntuzilla’s page to update to this new version.

I’ve come across two bugs so far in Firefox 3.5: clicking the middle mouse button anywhere on a page tries to load a URL from the clipboard (fixed using workaround), and fullscreen Flash video crashes Firefox (waiting for a fix or better workaround).

[update 2] Fixed some links.

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Panji Nushantara

just what I and every ubuntufoxers need, thanks.
I’ll give it a try.


working great!

Vadim P.

Thanks, seem to have worked here. Though I’m back to the crappy font rendering.

Btw, ©2008 Tombuntu


64bit flash doesn’t seem to be working with the ubuntuzilla version.

Louis Muloka

Following this method worked like a charm to get FF 3.5 64 bit up and running but it broke Adobe Flash 10 64 bit. Got any ideas?

David M.A.

Thanks for this VERY USEFUL information, I finally managed to install Firefox 3.5 and not Shiretoko (FF 1.6beta??).
Sorry for my mistakes and congratulations for the great blog!
Greetings from Spain!

Jose San Gil

Thanks the information!!

TO INSTALL FLASH 64bit, you must download the last version from adobe labs:

Download the file and decompress with this command:t
$ tar -xvzf

Now copy the file to the directory:
.mozilla/plugins/ (Usually in your home folder /home/username/)

If the folder plugins doesn’t exist, you will must create it.

Sorry for may English. Greeting from Venezuela

Jose SanGil

Thanks for the tip.

TO INSTALL Flash Player 64bits.

You must download the AMD 64 version from:

Unpack the tar.gz with:
$ tar -xvzf

Copy the file to the directory:

Create the plugins directory if it doesn’t exist.
Now Flash Player will work


why i cant instal after download..unable to reach the web..


I followed all the instruction and installed FX 3.5 just fine, but having the same problem as you - can’t reach the web!

I’m using Jaunty 64-bit. Got any ideas?


That problem was fixed, have a look.


What if I have already installed Shiretoko?

Tom Chiverton

If this update broke something, log a bug with Mozilla.


Nevermind, I uninstalled Shiretoko and installed through that script - so far so good.

Erik S.R.

Fixed the flash-64bit problem by:

1) Downloading the 32 bit version of flash from –the tar.gz version. 64bit version of flash did not work for me even though I run Ubuntu 64bit.

2) Extract “install_flash_player_10_linux.tar.gz” to desktop and copy the “” file to ‘/opt/firefox/plugins’ you can use the command:
sudo cp /opt/firefox/plugins

3) Restart Firefox. You can visit the page “about:plugins” to confirm installation. Hope this helps.


Thank you so much. I was struggeling for a long time, but finally found your comment. WORKED LIKE A CHARM


Hello All,
Regarding 64-bit flashplugin ,I will recommend that extracted from archive should be copied onto /usr/lib/firefox-addons/plugins/ ,/usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/ ,/usr/lib/xulrunner-addons/plugins/ OR Symlink from One Source.Try and reply!


I am a ubuntu newbie….
I tried to install firefox 3.5 on ubuntu 9.04 using Ubuntuzilla, with no success!!! After that, if I start firefox I cant visualize, which is my homepage, only if I type “sudo firefox” I can see it, what’s happened?

Sorry for my English.


Middle mouse button paste & load isn’t a bug, it’s a legitimate feature. Wish it hadn’t defaulted to ‘off’ in the last couple of Firefox revisions.


works like a charm!


wow I installed ubuntu noticed firefox was not up to date so searched in google on how to update (unfortunately i found your 1st post) and now i have Shiretoko!! Ive tried following your new instructions and its not working.. Can I suggest your 1st post be removed.


Sorry, but none of above tips did NOT WORK on my Ubuntu 9.04 64bit

I just can’t get ANY plugin to work. is the any command to see where the profile really is located?
Firefox 3.5.1 works fine but no plugins avaible and running.



Just a couple of quick updates for your nice article.

First, due to changes on sourceforge, no longer takes you to the project homepage… so instead, please link to

Second, about the middle-click setting, and a few others, see the “tips” section of the ubuntuzilla page:

Third, about plugins and 64bit users, see this section in the ubuntuzilla FAQ:

Hope this helps :)


WRT the flash issues, I came across the following post:

I haven’t tried this for the ubuntuzilla/FF installation, but it might work there as well.


for flash to work on 64 bit you can read here:

in general you must install the 32 bit to /home//.mozilla/plugins/ and restart firefox

Concept Rat

To everyone whose using a 64bit version of Ubuntu. Ubuntuzilla installs the 32bit version of Firefox, Seamonkey and Thunderbird. This is because the official builds are all 32bit. If you use Ubuntuzilla to install Firefox 3.5 then you’ll also need to use the 32bit version of Flash from the Adobe site as mentioned above.


Actually, if you just download the bzip from Mozilla’s site, throw it in /opt and sudo ln -s /opt/firefox/firefox in your /usr/bin you can enjoy firefox just fine. It will auto update itself just like a Windows install would. I’ve done it. No problem and sooner than Ubuntu repo updates.

Talal Arshad

Try this you will love it

Bob Marshall

Thanks for this great tip - it worked like a dream and only took about a minute to do, all in. It also brought Addblock + and W.O.T along without any trouble.

I’d looked at other ways of doing it but they were so complicated I decided to wait for 9.10, but I’m glad I found your blog - Ff 3.5 is so much faster.

Thanks again!


Hello, I used Ubuntuzilla and hated how it works, it completely messed up Firefox for me, It install 3.5 then after some time it become 3.0.11 (I know updates can do that), and I found some weird folders of “profile backup” in my home directory so after all I deleted everything, reinstalled 3.0.11 then I downloaded 3.5.2 and put it in /opt, I made some links and everything works perfectly now, I have to do the updates manually though.


Ubuntuzilla nearly made me cry. It certainly made me reinstall Linux!

Then, together with my Firefox config recipe, here’s what I did, Mr Tombuntu ..

Virtually the Best Web Dev PC on the Planet



i can’t use this script because at office we reach the web only over an http proxy which forbid ftp sessions.
if i try to replace all ftp:// strings with http:// the script throws download errors.


Just a quick thanks. Shiretoko throws too many errors. Also, I just reinstalled jaunty and am not ready to upgrade to karmic, so this was great. Again, thanks for the info.

Hemanth Kumar

Thank you brother it is a good website.Keep it up.This is Hemanth Kumar

embroidery punching

I’m unable to find firefox 3.5 please someone provide me the link so that i could download it!

Victor Rodriguez

Tombuntu, I have 64 bit firefox running on my Ubuntu 10.04 system. I need a separate and independent 32 bit firefox installation. Will ubuntuzilla do this for me? Thanks in advance for a prompt reply.

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