Ubuntu 9.04 Released

Ubuntu 9.04 “Jaunty Jackalope” is now available! Major new features in this release include:

If you’ve installed from an alpha, beta, or release candidate CD all you need to do is install any available updates to get the final release version. If you need a CD, be sure to use the Bit Torrent downloads.

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Sweet. Thanks, since you are one of the few people you managed to give the release notes in simple English…for duds like me!


One bug I’ve noticed is that compiz doesn’t want to be enabled under system > preferences > appearance. CCSM and the compiz settings manager did nothing, and compiz – replace in a terminal gave me an error notice about not having glx. I have never had a problem with compiz before this. As a last attempt I installed the compiz-fusion icon, chose loose bindings, changed from metacity to compiz and refreshed the windows. It worked, and the change in the appearance visual effects sub menu allowed custom graphics and compiz works. Now what could be going on here?

Tin Ho

However, ATI cut its support on x1250 and many other cards. Owners of these cards must use open source implementation, which is weak and nearly useless in some game.

Most people get x1250 by buying system which is less than 1.5 year. This is outrage!


Had a pretty good upgrade experience from installing the beta to the release candidate to the final. I have one of the Intel 4500MHD graphics cards in my Dell Studio 15 laptop, and found that it didn’t work well with Compiz until I enabled UXA. So far no crashes with it.

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