Moving to a New Server

Tombuntu is moving to a brand-new server (at Linode) today, so there could be some downtime. I’ll update here once the switch is done.

[update] OK, everything should be working now.

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You might want to correct the spelling of “server” in your title. I would email you but could not find your email address.


Whoops, thanks Rick.


Good luck with the move. Did you consider Slicehost? I would also like to move and it is a toss up between Linode and Slicehost?

Vadim P.

Good stuff, I’m on Linode too.


As a matter of fact, I did also consider Slicehost. I ended up choosing Linode just because the price difference between their plans are smaller in case I want to upgrade in the future.


Tom i want to buy one of those vps es . i want to host maybe three websites and also be able to install a pptp serve for maybe three people to use the vpn , do you think the 360 MB would be enough ?
do you suggest Linode ?


The 360 MB plan should be enough, but if you want a VPN you’ll have to watch your transfer. It’s easy to upgrade your plan if you need more.


thank you for the respond Tom :)

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