Taking a Break from Blogging

I’m taking a break from blogging to catch up on school work. Regular daily posts will resume on June 16.

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Roger Leite

Good luck with school stuff !
Thanks for all posts, it’s have been very useful.


Well, I’ll miss your posts, but good luck catching up; afterall, it is (supposedly) more important than blogging.



Carson Stanfield

How can you let down your faithful readers this way?

Jaiden Dickinson

Without Tombuntu I have no reason to live.
Why Tom?

Al Carter

This is finally proof that the creator of Tombuntu is human. Finally yes. If Tom is human that means that super human monkey’s with jetpacks could exist shooting people with flaming stars. O no they are super human flying hippos with pancake hats for protection from the the killer toasters… Toasters


Jordan Hall

Why get up in the morning if there is no tombuntu to read

You tell me why

Hal Baer

You have disappointed us all


Take care and good luck at school. We’ll be missing your posts.


Good luck with the schoolwork. Really dig your blog.

Jose G. Jimenez S.

Tom descansa, saludos desde Venezuela. estamos en contacto.

Tom rests, greetings from Venezuela. we are online.


Hi Tom,

You blog is fantastic but I am glad to see you put your studies first… they are the first step in helping your career…

Good luck with it all


Calm down people, getting him down won’t give him enthusiasm to return.

Goodluck in your studies and I hope the blog comes back with tons of content, I love it! :D

Vadim P.

That’s 10 days left. Someone setup a counter? Or a screenlet?


good luck with school, dude!!!


I’ve been taking a break too, but I’m back to pick up some slack for you. :P

Good luck with school… far more important than blogging anyways. :)


It’s been a while now… Still no new posts…
Are you coming back?

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