Firefox 3 Release Candidate Released

Firefox 3 Release Candidate has been released. It includes only minor performance, UI, and compatibility tweaks. If no issues are found with the release candidate, it will become the final release.

Ubuntu 8.04 shipped with Firefox 3 Beta 5, which is now one version behind. There’s some confusion on whether Firefox would be updated in Ubuntu, but it has been confirmed by an Ubuntu developer that this will happen.

You should receive the Firefox 3 Release Candidate this week along with your regular updates. I’ll update this post with my impressions of the RC once it arrives in Ubuntu.

[update] Firefox 3 RC 1 arrived in the Ubuntu repositories on June 9. I haven’t noticed any difference other than some visual changes to the address bar. Mozilla has released RC 2 now, so the wait begins again.

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Is there anyway to have the ff3 plugins (java, totem, etc) to work on ff2? Maybe by using symbolic links.


It’s funny how you say “minor” performance tweaks but it says “dramatic improvements to performance, memory usage and speed” on their dev news page. :-b


I’ve been using the RC for 3 days now and I’m seeing memory leakage again. I didn’t see any with Beta 5. When I open and run RC I get an immediate 15-20% jump in memory usage and it grows over time. I have to close Firefox after an hour or so. When I do, I can count to 20 and get 20% of my RAM back. Lame. I thought this was fixed…

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