Extending the Gedit Text Editor with Plugins

GNOME’s default text editor, Gedit, includes a powerful plugin system similar to Firefox’s. There are useful plugins available for both programmers and regular users.

Enable, disable, and configure plugins from the Plugins tab in Gedit’s preferences dialog. There’s no need to restart Gedit, plugins are enabled immediately.

Gedit Plugins

A small selection of plugins are installed by default with Gedit, and some are also even enabled. Here’s a few from the default selection to try:

There a whole bunch more plugins in an easily-installable package. Install it from the package gedit-plugins (click the link to install), or by running the command below in your terminal:

sudo apt-get install gedit-plugins

Here are a few that are available after installing that package:

There are many more plugins available that must be manually installed. Installation instructions may vary, but most of the time you will need to put the plugin’s files in ~/.gnome2/gedit/plugins.

The Gedit plugins page has a list of all the available plugins and documentation.

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I’ve found the Snippets plugin to be very useful. I’ve tried the Bracket Completion plugin as well, but I don’t know of an easy way to get out of the ending bracket without reaching over for the right arrow button, which certainly disturbs my typing rhythm. It’s unfortunate since it otherwise would be a very welcome plugin.


very helpul information. I like kate because the have embeded konsole. But I dont know if gedit have too.
Thank you

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