Install Extra GNOME Themes

Looking for some Ubuntu themes? The GNOME themes extras package provides two excellent themes and some popular icon themes.

You’ll need to have the universe repository enabled. Install the package gnome-themes-extras from your package manager, or from the terminal:

sudo apt-get install gnome-themes-extras

Open System->Preferences->Appearance. You’ll find two new complete themes:



Click the Customize button and select the Icons tab. you’ll find four new icon themes: Dropline Neu!, Foxtrot, Gion, and GNOME-Alternative.

I’m using Unity with the Gion icons, which looks great:
Unity with Gion

Something similar to the Unity theme, with orange highlights (which can be set in Colours tab) the would be a good default theme for Ubuntu. It can keep the Human colours without being overwhelming.

Thanks to Jayson Rowe for pointing out this package of themes.

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Jayson Rowe

I’m really digging Darklooks w/ Tangerine Icons right now…


I love the Darklooks theme (especially with the Blended Metacity theme [ ]. Unfortunately, I fell victim to this bug, which still seems to be there after official release:

This fix seems to work:

Vadim P.

With apt:package support in Ubuntu since 7.10, why can’t those links be used?

They’re so much easier


Vadim P.:
I’ve gotten out of the habit since the apt links were broken for a while in the 8.04 beta. I’ll start using them again.

Vadim P.

Thank you


Very nice tip, going to do this when I get home from work. Thanks. :-D


Really digging the Darklooks with the Foxtrot icons. Great tip. You just got yourself a daily reader!


Here on my box i’ve theme called slickness[1]. It’s a more dark theme and integrates nicely in to my desktop.

polarizers 2 cents


You can find 60 more ubuntu/ gnome themes[linux themes] from here
another good site for themes and wallpapers can be found here.

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