Open RAR Archives in Ubuntu

RAR archive

[update] Added more detail about different RAR packages and Ubuntu 8.04.

Downloaded a file compressed in the RAR format and found that Archive Manager couldn’t open it? RAR support can’t be included in Ubuntu by default because it’s proprietary, but installing it is simple.

There are two options for opening RAR files in Ubuntu:

  1. The package unrar-free is an open source project for opening RAR files. However, this package may not be able to handle all types of RAR archives. You need to have the Ubuntu universe repository enabled to install this package.

    Install unrar-free from the package unrar-free (click the link to install), or by running the command below in your terminal:

    sudo apt-get install unrar-free
  2. The package unrar is not open source, but should be able to open any RAR files you can find. This is likely the option you want. You need to have the Ubuntu multiverse repository enabled to install this package.

    Install unrar from the package unrar (click the link to install), or by running the command below in your terminal:

    sudo apt-get install unrar

After either of these package are installed, RAR archives will open seamlessly in Ubuntu’s archive manager.

You may also be interested in installing support for the open source 7z archive format.

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The unrar package installs the free and open source library for extracting rar files. There’s also a binary-only version (but free for use) from RAR-Labs (who created the RAR format). It has a more complete support for all features of the RAR format. It is located in Ubuntu Repositories under the package “unrar-nonfree”. To install it, just type : sudo install unrar-nonfree.



i recently installed the package but why is unrar in comparision to wine+winrar so slow? it takes the double time to extract a file…

any idea?


I use sudo apt-get install rar


mmhh. i already installed the nonfree version… is there maybe a switch or setting for dual core support?


wine+winrar will run slow because wine is running the windows apis inside of linux, that is the processor is processing both the apis and the winrar and linux


Someone please can help me ? i have a problem i dont know what to do for rar archive …… i type in termina sudo apt-get install rar but nothis in termina after i type(up) tell me that

newuser@newuser-desktop:~$ sudo apt-get install rar
Reading package lists… Done
Building dependency tree
Reading state information… Done
Package rar is not available, but is referred to by another package.
This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or
is only available from another source
E: Package rar has no installation candidate



The package you need is called unrar:
sudo apt-get install unrar


Thanks!! Works!


I am also facing the same problem in installing unrar. The problem same as Rheboot, I tried to used the command sudo apt-get install unrar it is not installing unrar and give the following message….

Reading package lists… Done
Building dependency tree
Reading state information… Done
Package unrar is not available, but is referred to by another package.
This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or
is only available from another source
E: Package unrar has no installation candidate

Could some one help me how to install unrar
thanks in advance


Try enabling the multiverse repository in System->Administration->Software Sources.

Shrinath K

You all can use 7-zip i guess… its free, open source and handles rar files among many others…


Hi. Thanks. Simple instructions - worked a treat.


thanks a lot man..


If you already enabled the multiverse repository, try updating your apt fist:

sudo apt-get update

Then install unrar:

sudo apt-get install unrar


i got solution to my problem only here…

thanxxxxxxxxxx a lotttt……..

Dan Jæger

Yup! “sudo apt-get install unrar” works just fine - and thanks so much

harish kumar

ya i also try this and its working fine

Thanks for this………….




yes-thanks for the info. worked perfectly!

Ransford Tetteh

Thanks so much. I am new but with your steps I was able to read a .rar document


Thank you. I downloaded a rar file/package today then installed: sudo apt-get install unrar-free. Typed in unrar to get the command/switches needed (all I needed was the e command) and the files I wanted were there. No problems. Thanks again.

Kurt Liu

thanks for the guide.


When I attempt to unrar my old school work I am asked for a password (there was no password set for these files). I had no problem installing multiple rar format packages, but I am unable to access the contents of my multi-file item. anyone have any ideas?


I had the same trouble MoeJoe, and it appears that it prompts for a password when the zip or rar archive is damaged or incomplete. I found that it happened often. When I re-downloaded rars it worked fine. Perhaps try it in windows, unfortunate as that is; that’s my only advice, esp. for you own rars that you can’t just re-download. good luck!


does ubuntu 7.04 still supported ? because I can’t update my ubuntu from repositories sites


Thank you so much, the unrar-free worked even on Jaunty Jackalope.


Thanks much for the info. haven’t installed it yet but im sure it will work. How about using wine to install winrar?


Thank you sooo much.

I was looking for a way to extract multiple files and assumed .r00 (.rXX) was a 7zip file. Decided to check for RAR support, stumbled here (after 20-30 minutes of fannying with the terminal :?) and had it installed and extracted in about a minute or two.

Thank you very much :D

Mr T

Being a real old NOOB I installed unrar free from the link and when I try extract I get just the folder created from the archive but no files. So if this is one of the files free won’t extract how do I remove free so I can install the other one?




Thanks!!! It worked for me. I was extracting Rar files in a couple of minutes.

I recently started using Ubuntu Netbook Remix (on my new netbook) because I was so pissed with windows 7 starter edition (not allowed to even change wallpaper!). Been Googling for help and your website has helped me transition quite painlessly. Thanks again!


ya it worked


Thank u very much……………


You can also try it’s an online tool for opening zip and rar files.

No software to download…works good for psp and mobile devices.


How can i open .rar file in ubuntu 9.10?


but,,, this one if only we got internet connection

how about if we don’t have internet connection?
could we get the unrar-free offline?


Yes gum, you actually can. Just install an IDE or programming tool like Netbeans and build your own rar extractor assuming you have excellent programming skills because you MUST have internet connection to download source files anyway.


Hello, I already installer unrar,the freeware and nonfree version, so then i put Desktop/ (the directory is recognize because i have my rar file there). After that I type unrar x(name of my file)…and nothing happens. I tried using thename of my file.rar (with the extention and nothing)/ Please I need some help I have the two versions and none worked.


Hello I installed unrar, and it is asking me to follow this, so i went to desktop where i have my file (Desktop/), then unrar filename (with .rar and without it, just to try), And this message appears:
Usage: unrar - -
Please i need some help


Really thanks for the help it worked 100% for me.


thanks a lot. this helped. I wonder why Ubuntu has not included a rar archive handler in the OS. people at Ubuntu can easily write a code for this i guess. but none the less, the second command given here in the post has solved my prob.. :)






thanks!!! new to ubuntu so i thought i had just lost approx. 4 hours of my time downloading something to have it sitting inert in among my files. gods bless!


installed on maverick.

sudo apt-get install unrar

Works 100%




Thanks. Tried winrar in wine. too slow. This did it!


I was always facing problem to open a .rar file .Now my problem hasbeen solved .Thank’s for this tip


Thanks DJ it will b of gud help 2 me…God bless u…..


It worked smooth as a breeze.Thanx :)


I have tried and it worked but i cant see my extracted files!!….


Thank you. :)


download a program called unrar… open terminal and type sudo apt-get install unrar…
it really works…….


Thanks. Archive Manager is now able to “UNRAR”.


thanks buddy this has been very helpful. The second option is the best I guess. Btw I am amused at how some guy replied that even without internet connection you can build your own rar extract. That was a sense of humour.



Thanks dude… was useful


lol it works tnx man


Many thanks, you are the best


quiero descomprimir archivos rar


I can suggest PeaZip to open RAR files on Ubuntu/Debian distributions, a DEB installer is featured on
(they also have RPM and TGZ installers)


I’ve tried it installing this (unrar) software from ununtu software centre but at the end it tell that “Package operation failed” this problem started occuring after installation of crossplatformui tool what should i do to handle it

Lin Rongxiang

I will see whether copying the RAR file I have downloaded over to Windows might work. I think I have got 7-zip installed in my Windows XP machine and that one probably can handle RAR files, for all I know should it work fine on Windows I will just do my work in Windows instead..


very good, worked well! thanks :D


Or Linux version of Winrar can be used, download link:

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