Pan Windows Larger Than Your Screen

I run the latest Ubuntu live-CDs inside a VirtualBox virtual machine to test them and run the graphical installer. Without this keyboard shortcut, using the installer would be nearly impossible because its window is larger than the 800x600 pixel resolution that VirtualBox uses.

Moving the installer window

Holding the Alt key allows you to click anywhere in the window and pan it around the screen. Moving the installer up reveals the buttons at the bottom.

Once you have Ubuntu installed in the virtual machine, install the VirtualBox guest additions so you can select a higher resolution.

Archived Comments

Richard Paul

Using ALT + middle mouse button allows you to resize the window in a similar fashion, based on which quadrant you click in. I must say I never use the title bar to move or edges to resize windows, it is far to slow. Mouse moving and resizing is great!


The whole problem with the Windows not fitting inside the 800X600 box is something that should have been adressed many releases ago. For us it is not a big deal. For the average user it just looks sloppy and they don’t know what the hell to do about it.


This is not a bug related to virtualization. No. I’ve suffer it every time I tried Ubuntu (ever since 5.somenthing?). I can’t remember it. 15 inches (how many Philips’d have sold!?) and it happens.

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