Ubuntu 8.04 Alpha 3

I only had a little time today to play with Ubuntu 8.04 Alpha 3, so here are a few of the new features and some thoughts:

Read the release notes, then download Ubuntu 8.04 Alpha 3.

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You activate universe & multiverse? I use firefox 3 on alpha 3


firefox 3b2 is not the default browser - its just a package you can install beside your stable ff version and then run as “firefox-3.0”

Andrew Conkling

I believe the package is ‘firefox3’. I think it’s just not the default Firefox, probably until it’s released?


i don’t know why you can’t find firefox3 on your Hardy ,
i just have upgraded from ubuntu 7.10 Server from hardy heron and i found something great in it , which is Firefox 3b3pre . i don’t have any idea why couldn’t you find it though :)

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