Dell Has Sold 40 Thousand Ubuntu PCs

According to “multiple sources”, Dell has sold 40 thousand PCs with Ubuntu Linux preinstalled.

Dell agreed to ship PCs and laptops with the Ubuntu operating system after more than 130,000 people promoted the notion on the company’s IdeaStorm web site. It would seem, however, that only a fraction of these zealots were willing to back their votes with cash.

Dell has said that “Adoption has been very good” but is 40 thousand is enough to keep them interested? There has not been much news lately about Dell’s Ubuntu machines. Their selection of Ubuntu PCs is slim and underpowered. The systems still ship with only Ubuntu 7.04 instead of the latest 7.10.

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I was offered a laptop for my Christmas present and chose the Dell Ubuntu laptop. My three main gripes where
1. The NVidia video card was not an option.
2. Gutsy was not an option.
3. Trying to upgrade to Gutsy gave me an unbootable machine.

Other than that I am loving my sweet new laptop.


IdeaStorm was world-wide. Dell’s Ubuntu PCs are not.


I, my self, am waiting for a larger selection of laptops that are not from a line that is 3 years old! When they offer more current selections for Ubuntu preinstalled pc’s then I will purchase one, until then I will continue installing it my self on the pc of my choice.


I bought a brand new Y400 Lenovo and installed Ubuntu 7.10

NO PROBLEMS WHAT SO EVER… It was really Plug and play… No driver conflicts, etc….

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