Dell Will Certify Ubuntu Linux for Servers

It looks like Canonical’s effort to improve Ubuntu Server has paid off. Dell is planning to announce that Ubuntu Linux has been certified for its servers.

In an interview with Rick Becker, Dell Product Group’s vice president of solutions, Becker said that Dell is currently in the process of certifying Ubuntu for all its server lines. “But we are still several months away from announcing a certification. I’d say it’ll be announced in Q1 next year.”

Just as Dell was the first major manufacturer to preinstall Ubuntu on consumer PCs, they will now be the first to ship Ubuntu with servers.

“So I would be delighted if Dell took this step. I think it would be very reassuring to the people who are already deploying Ubuntu on the server; it would make Dell attractive to them as a supplier and it would catalyse another round of adoption by folks who require certification and support throughout their stack,” Shuttleworth said.

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