GNOME RoadMap for 2.22, 2.24, and the Future

The GNOME project has released a roadmap for versions 2.22, 2.24, and for the future. There are no earth-shattering changes, but there are lots of nice enhancements.

The GNOME Community Roadmap is a big-picture view of functionality we expect GNOME to include in short-term and long-term future. The roadmap is based on feedback from current GNOME developers and other community members.

Phoronix has an overview of the major changes.

I’m glad to see Ekiga is getting major work. I tried to get it to work in GNOME 2.22 and simply could not get it to connect.

One of the updated applications in GNOME 2.22 is Ekiga 3.0. The Ekiga VoIP client will introduce a new user interface as well as supporting X-Video and IAX2.

One thing I was expecting to see was compositing in the Metacity window manager. KDE4’s KWin includes 3D effects, and distributions are integrating Compiz Fusion into GNOME by themselves. Are desktop effects ever going to be included in GNOME by default?

GNOME 2.22 will be released in March 2008, followed by GNOME 2.24 later in the year. Ubuntu 8.04 should include GNOME 2.22.

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Matt Brubeck

Metacity does have a compositor, but it’s disabled by default because it is not yet mature enough for general use:

There’s been some new work on it in the past year, but I think compiz has attracted most of the effort.


“Are desktop effects ever going to be included in GNOME by default?”

Yes, if we can get the compositor stable (and it needs to be really, really stable). People are working on it. More people working on it would be nice.


Matt Brubeck + marnanel,
Thanks for the info regarding compositing and Metacity.

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