Everex's $200 PC Runs Ubuntu-Based Distro

During the summer I wrote about Everex’s planned inexpensive Linux PC at Wal-mart. Now the $200 Everex gPC has launched.

Everex, a longtime personal computer vendor, has unveiled its latest PC featuring Ubuntu Linux-based open-source productivity software and Google-based Web 2.0 applications, for a mere $198.

The gPC does not run Ubuntu, but does run gOS, a Linux distro based on Ubuntu. The gOS focuses on Google applications, and uses the Enlightenment E17 desktop. Many popular open source applications are included, but there is also a focus on Google’s online web apps.

The computer’s pre-installed and linked Software includes Mozilla Foxfire, gMail, Meebo (a browser-based IM client) Skype, Google Documents & Spreadsheets, Google Calendar, Google News, Google Maps, GIMP, Blogger, the Xing Movie Player, and 2.2.

The hardware is quiet, runs an energy efficient VIA 1.5GHz CPU, and has half a GB of RAM.

Everex’s gPC will be available in some Wal-Mart stores and online starting in early November.

The official website for gOS is up now, as well as an interview with the founder.

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