Adjust the Transparency of Window Decorations with Compiz

Transparency of Window DecorationsBy default Compiz in Ubuntu uses the GTK window decorator. You can adjust the transparency level of the GTK Window Decorator window titles by changing a value in the GNOME configuration editor. Note that this only works if you are using a compositing window manager such as Compiz.

Open the GNOME Configuration Editor: press Alt-F2 to open the Run Application dialog, and type gconf-editor and click Run.

Navigate to apps/gwd in the GNOME Configuration Editor. These are the two values you need to change:

metacity_theme_active_opacity - (Transparently on active window's title.)
metacity_theme_opacity - (Transparently on inactive windows' titles.)

The value you can set is a decimal number, 1 is no transparently, and 0 is invisible.

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Thanks for this tip! I’ve been using Ubuntu for a long time with Compiz, but I’ve always wondered how to get a little more of that “aero” feeling to the window decorations. Your blog is very helpful!


Thx this was driving me crazy…
Effects are nice but transparency on decoration really?

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