Default Wallpaper for Ubuntu 7.10

The look of the default Ubuntu wallpaper has not changed much in the last few releases. As of now, this will be the default for the upcoming 7.10 release. (See thumbnail below.) You may notice like I did that it is darker than previous wallpapers. A few people are not liking it, this tread on the Ubuntu forums has been started to discuss the wallpaper choice.

Brown Fluid Wallpaper

The GutsyIdeas artwork page has many unique wallpapers and ideas. I think the light brown lion texture wallpaper (shown below) looks outstanding.


Another commenter on the GutsyIdeas page agrees with me about the lion texture:

I agree that the animal art, particularly the “Lion” (clear) really stand out as beautiful and different, even unique. As has been articulated above, they give a “real”, tangible feel, and their very earthiness makes them a hundred times more “human” than just another swooshy thing that could have been turned out by a robot. Swooshy things (particularly brown ones) are tired and derivative. Let’s be different and human! – TomMaisey 2007-09-23 23:50:18

Archived Comments


As I commented in the wiki, the human theme needs a revision.

Maybe using Aurora gtk-engine to create a modern theme, updating the window borders (also for Emerald) and using a new wallpaper. The human icons need a new look too.

I uploaded an image with my idea:

(It’s not a mockup)


The animal skins found in the same section of the website as the lion above are by far the best looking I’ve seen out of the submissions.


Andrew Conkling

It looks like the elephant one made it in, but not the lion.

I wasn’t able to find the lion one, so here’s a link to a page with a similar graphic (maybe a draft of the same):


I really like all these. thanks

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