The Ubuntu sources.list Generator

[update] As Carla Hufstedler reports in the comments, this seems to be gone now.

The Ubuntu sources.list generator, or Source-O-Matic, is a web application that can create custom sources.list files for various version of Ubuntu. The sources.list file tells the packaging system where it can look for software to install. The generator can add many additional sources, including those for proprietary software.

With this generator you can create your own custom sources.list from various available sources. It takes only two simple steps.

Remember to back up your existing sources.list file in case you have problems with the new one.

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Great find for those that want to mix being really stable with leaning on the bleeding edge like me.

Carla Hufstedler

It was a marvelous tool, but it’s now apparently gone. :(


love it


A new version seems to be available here:


This ( is a site entirely dedicated to the sources.list for Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Debian, OpenSuse, Fedora. On the site you will find the text version and the debian version. The debian version is automatically updated when you update your distro. (sudo apt-get dist-upgrade)


All about sources.list for different linux distro:


The new Source-o-matic is at:


The program is just another poor copy of programs. With all the uncritical evaluations of the software I wonder if any of the reviewers even have tried the software package.

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