Tell Lenovo You Want Ubuntu

Lenovo, the forth largest computer manufacturer in the world, is wondering what Linux distribution to support on their Thinkpad computers. They are running a poll on their blog to find out what their customers want. Ubuntu is currently leading, followed by Debian.

Thank you all for the well-reasoned and articulate discussion. I hope that it will continue. I’m going to put another poll question up asking which Linux you all would like to see offered. (Though I think I know the answer already).

Lenovo already supports Novell’s SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop, which is not a distribution that most enthusiasts would want to run because of its out-of-date software.

That we’re spending way too much time on the enterprise market and not enough on the enthusiast market. Enterprises have been, and will continue to be, slow to adopt Linux for some of the reasons I outlined, but there are nonetheless a LOT of people running Linux out there, especially on their ThinkPads.

Having another major system manufacturer preinstalling Ubuntu would be sensational!

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