Tombuntu Version 7.3 Released version 7.3, after being delayed a few days, has now been released. This is the version that will be in the upcoming Ubuntu 7.10 release.

The so-called killer feature of this version of X is the new support for hotplugging of input devices (such as keyboard, mice, touchscreens) as well as output devices (monitors, projectors, and so forth).

The article at Ars Technica notes that old drivers will not work with the new 7.3.

The input and video driver API/ABIs are not compatible with the previous server release, version 1.3, so you will not be able to mix and match drivers that were released for previous X server versions.

Have all the video drivers been updated? It would be a shame if this release brakes support for some video cards until their drivers get updated.

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Derek Buranen

So I think Ubuntu Gutsy 7.10 is shipping with Xorg Server 1.3 and not 1.4.

It’s 7.3, but Xorg-Server 1.3 instead of 1.4.

Someone correct me if I’m wrong. And please someone detail the differences if you know.


I think you have it right, Gutsy will have 7.3 and Xserver 1.3. The new Xserver 1.4 is being left out.


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