Xorg 7.3 in Gutsy or Not?

Is Xorg 7.3 going to make it into Ubuntu Gutsy or not? First I saw this page linked to on Digg:

2007-08-17 bryce: as discussed at the developer meeting yesterday, we’re going to opt for leaving xserver 1.4 for Gutsy+1. In checking with some upstream xorg developers, they concur this is probably the wise approach given our release schedule.

Then I saw this post saying that it was not a big deal for features in Gutsy:

BulletProofX and DisplayConfig-GTK are NOT affected. In fact displayconfig has already been implemented and bulletproofx is being deployed. says that features will be delayed until 2008:

These new windowing programs would have added more features to Ubuntu’s display capabilities. In particular, the new Ubuntu would have had far better automatic monitor detection. It would also have made it possible to switch monitors–hot plugging–without needing to reboot the PC. Now, though, these features won’t be included, by default, until the version of Ubuntu after Gutsy Gibbon. In other words, these features won’t be included in the released version until March of 2008 at the earliest.

Are Xserver 1.4 and Xorg 7.3 really being left out of Ubuntu Gutsy? What features will be affected?

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Ryan Orser

I wondered that also. Maybe the developers should have the Xorg 7.3 should be in, though i am not sure.

Ryan Orser

Azrael Nightwalker 7.3 will be in, but xserver 1.4 (part of probablyu won’t.

Tristan Rhodes

I hope we get two important features in Gutsy:

Bulletproof X - so that nobody gets stuck at the command prompt with a broken xorg.conf

Dual-monitor config GUI -

I am not sure what technology and versions are required for those features, but I think it would benefit Ubuntu greatly to have those two features.


Fabien Chaillou

Well they are saying bullshit !

Monitor hotplugging is part of xserver 1.3 and not 1.4 and the 1.3 is already in gutsy, for now only intel drivers use the features (known as randr 1.2) but i heard that it is planned to release gutsy with the 6.8 ati open source drivers that leverage those features too.

About xserver 1.4, the major feature is input hotplug, i.e : the ability to plug a mouse or a keyboard when the x server is allready running and have it detected without a restart.


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