New PC

Today I received my new Dell Dimension 9200. So I might be a bit busy for a while getting Ubuntu installed.


I like the design of the case, but it is large. Ubuntu’s repositories did not have a driver for the graphics card so I had to use this guide to do a manual install.

Compiz Fusion is up and running, I followedthis guide.

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Derek Buranen

Out of curiosities’ sake, why didn’t you order a Dell with Ubuntu on it and supported instead of paying for MS stuff?

BTW, can I use your Planet UU button/banner thing? It’s slick.


Here in Canada, Dell is still not shipping any computers with Ubuntu. The Planet UU button was not made by me so fell free to use it.

Derek Buranen

That’s a plight. Hopefully they let you return Vista for $$. Anyway, I like all your bloggin. Cheers!

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