Not a Good Automatix Experience

I installed Ubuntu 6.10 in a virtual machine to test with Automatix. I used the older Ubuntu version so I could try upgrading and see if Automatix would break it. There were more problems than just with the upgrade.

I install Automatix with the Ubuntu 6.10 DEB package. With Automatix, I installed a few applications. While setting up the new applications Ubuntu froze. After I restarted, Ubuntu refused to boot with file system errors. Rebooting again seemed to fix the problem.

Running apt-get update told me that dpkg had been interrupted and that I needed to run “dpkg –configure -a” to fix the problem, which crashed Nautilus. After rebooting and running the command again it repaired successfully.

Trying to run the update to Ubuntu 7.04 failed with a “Authentication failed” message. I am sure glad I used a VM instead of my own machine! Automatix does not appear to be stable at all.

Upgade failed

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Christer Edwards

As far as I know Automatix has never been stable. my best suggestion is to simply stay away from it. If you need to install something that comes with Automatix but you’re unsure how–and this goes for any of your readers as well–email me via the contact form on my blog and I will write up instructions. There are supported methods of installing most everything that comes with Automatix. It’s simply a matter of education or documentation.

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