3 Steps to Get the Latest Blender in Ubuntu 7.04

The latest version of Blender available in the Ubuntu 7.04 repositories is 2.43. The newest release of Blender, 2.44, adds some new features including subsurface scattering, improved mesh primitives, and two new modifiers. This is how you can run the very latest Blender in Ubuntu 7.04.

  1. Go to the Get Blender page and download the latest Linux binary for Python 2.5.

  2. Extract the tar.bz2 archive to /opt. (You will need to be root.) I did this by extracting it to my Desktop, and then opening a root Nautilus window with “sudo nautilus” to cut and paste the Blender folder to /opt.

  3. Add Blender 2.44 to your application menu. Open System>Preferences>Main Menu and select the graphics menu. Click “New Item”, and fill in the name field. For the command, click browse and open the Blender folder in /opt and select the “blender” executable. The command I needed to use was:


Now you can start the latest Blender release from your applications menu. Enjoy Blender 2.44!

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In the case that anyone comes upon this, you should use “gksudo” in place of “sudo” for opening graphical applications. “sudo” isn’t meant for grapical apps and could mess with your system.


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