Get Sweet Firefox Widgets With Minimal Effort

The default widgets in Firefox on Linux are ugly. Let’s fix that.

One thing that has always bothered me about Ubuntu’s firefox is that the buttons, radio buttons, drop down menus, text fields, and checkboxes (known as widgets) are very cruddy looking. Fortunately I found a simple way to fix this. What we have below is a replacement set of images and CSS code for the widgets which will make them much nicer on the eyes.

Go to this page and download the latest version of the Firefox Widgets Installer. You will need a account to download it. Extract the archive and double click on the file “graphical_installer” and choose run.

If you don’t have python-kiwi the installer will prompt to ask if it can install the needed packages. Click OK and give the terminal that opens your root password if it asks for it. Then let the packages be installed and press enter to close the terminal when it is finished.

Firefox Widgets 1

The installer will start, all of the defaults should be fine. Once it is done restart Firefox, and enjoy the shiny widgets!

Firefox Widgets 2

Here is a picture of my once-ugly Gmail looking good after I installed the new widgets.

Firefox Widgets 4

Note that if Firefox is updated you will need to re-install the new widgets.

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Dotan Cohen

The widgets make the form fields on this site look like smilies:
Note the “Google Search” buttons.

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