Great Linux Applications You Might Not Know About

This is a listing of about 30 Linux applications that are good but you probably have not heard of. The applications in the list are taken from a 42 page thread in the Ubuntu forums, a list of every single application mentioned in the thread is also available. All of the applications in the list are in the official Ubuntu repositories.

After spending some time on the offical Ubuntu Forums I came across this awesome thread which let users post applications they thought were noteable but were rarley mentioned. The only problem was it was 40+ pages of content. So in turn i decided to make a post with these applications that anyone can read in just one page or post. Enjoy

Here are my personal favorites from the list:

  1. Deluge - lightweight BitTorrent client
  2. Xara Xtreme - vector drawing
  3. Links2 - terminal web browser
  4. Agave - colour palettes
  5. Specto - notifications

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