GNU GPLv3 Release is Today

Today (June 29) at 12 noon EDT the Free Software Foundation will release the GNU GPLv3.

Beyond the creation of an improved license, the process of drafting
version 3 has helped highlight vital issues for the community of free
software users. This is a moment to thank the thousands who participated
by commenting on the license, and those that represented stakeholders
through the GPLv3 committee process.

Now with the release of GPLv3, we will see new defenses extended to free
software. These defenses will continue the long history of fighting all
efforts to make free software proprietary.

Streaming live video will be on the FSF website as the GPLv3 is released. I am surprised that that the FSF is going ahead with releasing the GPLv3 on iPhone day.


iPhone restricts users, GPLv3 frees them

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