Simple Nautilus FTP Client

You don’t need to install an FTP client like gFTP or Filezilla just for some simple file transfers in Ubuntu. Nautilus has a built-in FTP client. Click Places>Connect to Server and fill in the connection information. The server will then appear in the Places sidebar in Nautilus. Alternatively, you can type a FTP location into the address bar like this:

If you need a more powerful FTP client, I would recommend gFTP (sudo apt-get install gftp).

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That’s funny, I had a hard time in Hardy Heron’s beta getting Nautilus to handle ftp. The default Places menu wants Firefox to handle ftp. Normally that’s fine, but FF is just a browser/download client.

That is unless FF v3 is supposed to handle FTP nativly. Which I haven’t heard either way.


One thing to point out is that Nautilus won’t let you see nor edit file permissions as of Dec 2008. For that you’ll need something like gftp, which can be downloaded through the Add/Remove Programs feature.


Another option (my preference) is curlftpfs, another fuse application. It allows you to mount an ftp server file system like a samba share or other network drive. After mounting it, you can browse it from filemanager of your choice.

You can open Synaptic package manager and search curlftpfs. Select it, apply, and it should grab all the required dependencies.

You can simply use the following from the commandline:
# mkdir /mnt/somedirectory
# curlftpfs -o user=username:password /mnt/somedirectory/

Or add the following to your fstab: /mnt/ftp fuse noauto,users,exec,user=username:password,uid=1000,gid=1000,allow_other,transform_symlinks 0 0

uid and gid need to be obtained for your user and group. Type “id” at the terminal and it will tell you what you need.

You don’t have to mount it at /mnt/ftp. You could mount it at /home/youruser/whateveryouwannacallit.

Some may also be interested in sshfs, a similar fuse-based file system for ssh.



Didn’t know this, thanks!

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