Rumour: Dell Chooses Ubuntu?

If’s sources are correct, Dell will be preloading Ubuntu 7.04. The article states that this will happen in late May (not late April as previously expected). They even claim to know what computers will have an Ubuntu option, low end desktops and laptops plus an XPS desktop.

Sources also indicated that Dell has decided to go with Ubuntu because a large number of people who answered its Linux desktop survey indicated that they wanted Ubuntu. While Mark Shuttleworth, CEO of Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, recently said he can’t comment on whether or not his company has been talking with Dell, sources close to the company indicate that Dell and Canonical have been having talks for several months now about Ubuntu running on Dell’s computers.

This is really good for Ubuntu, but if it is only on lower end computers I will be a little disappointed. My next computer will most likely be a midrange laptop, and from this it looks like it will not have an Ubuntu option at Dell. I can’t see Ubuntu lowering the cost by much on cheap PCs because of the promotional software on Windows, and don’t most Linux enthusiasts want nicer computers? Another important question is if this applies to Dell Canada, will I even have Ubuntu as an option on any computer at Dell where I live?

Update: It looks like this is official.

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