Would You Use Windows If It Was Open Source?

This is an interesting blog post asking the question “Would you use Windows if it was GPL?”

Personally, I would say no way! Although I do prefer to use open source software when there is an option, I don’t automatically shun anything that is closed source. I use Ubuntu not only because it is free software but because it is better. Linux is a better designed OS. And I have much more choice of things like my window manager, desktop enviroment, and software. Switching Windows to GLP would not fix its problems.

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Couldn’t agree more! When people start off computing, they are confronted by various options, such as operating system. Many just use windows because it is there already, but those who find they have a choice tend to go with the operating system that is supposedly worth a few hundred dollars. People assume that something that costs more is better, and I don’t know how we’re ever going to change that, or make people see how much better free stuff can be.


I use Linux because it is more fun.

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