Ubuntu 7.04 Final Could be Delayed

Bugs that recently delayed the Ubuntu 7.04 release candidate could also cause the final release to be pushed back a couple of days.

it is possible that this will delay the final release by a small number of days, but we are making every effort to avoid that at the moment.

A commenter, Jim March, had this to say:

This weekend Fiesty beta ran into serious kernel-level troubles. Beta testers are reporting a total inability to boot. People running mid-to-high-end NVidia video appear to be hit hardest.

Then this weekend… I won’t say it’s as bad as “the wheels fell off” but it’s bad, much worse than is stated here. Something came radically unglued.

They’ll fix it, but by the 19th? I doubt it.

I would tell the Ubuntu developers to take their time and get a stable final release when it is ready. There is no reason to rush. My plan was to do a fresh install on the Friday after the release because I have no school that day. But, I would much rather wait a few days than have problems with Ubuntu 7.04.

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