And the Next Version of Ubuntu is...

Today Mark Shuttleworth announced the new code name for the 7.10 release of Ubuntu in October 2007, Gutsy Gibbon. Also announced was the release schedule for Gutsy.

Folks, allow me to introduce the Gutsy Gibbon, who will be succeeding
the Feisty Fawn as the focus of our development love in a few short
weeks, for release in October 2007.

Gutsy will feature a ultra-free version similar to GNewSense, with no proprietary software. Also in the works is an unattended installer, and most likely composite-by-default. Gutsy will not be a long term support release. More details will be decided in May 5 to 11 in Andalucia, Spain.

If you are wondering what a gibbon is check out this Wikipedia article.

Ubuntu 7.04 (Fiesty Fawn) is still on track to be released on April 19.

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Since, Gutsy Gibbon is only going to support open source software and nothing else will that mean that some of the programs that I use for media, will not be able to run. Even if they are not installed on default and I install them manually.


Don’t worry, the normal version of Ubuntu will stay as it is. The ultra-free version is separate, like Ubuntu and Xubuntu.

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