Dell's Good Timing in Offering Linux

You may of recently heard about a flaw in Windows versions from NT to Vista. A bug in the animated cursor format (ANI) allows remote code execution. This was discovered in December 2005, and is currently not patched!

I’m just going to point one more thing. Microsoft’s biggest, most important, claim about Vista, at its launch, was that it had greatly improved security. Why then does Vista have a major security hole that’s been in Windows since the 1990s?

If you want a secure computer, stop drinking the Microsoft kool-aid. Get a Linux-based system. It’s really that simple.

By offering Linux, Dell is going to win fans. Some of those fans may indeed still end up running Windows, but at least they’ll have a choice. Microsoft will finally have some real competition again on the desktop.

Dell, the Linux desktop, and timing

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