Dell Planning To Pre-Install Linux

Dell is going to start pre-installing Linux on desktop and laptop computers. So far they have not said when this will happen or what Linux distributions will be installed. They also announced that they support hardware with open source drivers.

Dell has heard you and we will expand our Linux support beyond our existing servers and Precision workstation line. Our first step in this effort is offering Linux pre-installed on select desktop and notebook systems. We will provide an update in the coming weeks that includes detailed information on which systems we will offer, our testing and certification efforts, and the Linux distribution(s) that will be available.

Dell to Expand Linux Factory Installed Options

Dell recognizes the importance of open source, GPL-licensed drivers which are maintained upstream in They allow users the widest choice of Linux distributions, effectively taking the specific hardware and distribution out of the decision-making process and let you focus on solving your business problems. We will work with our hardware partners to develop, test, and maintain Free drivers, and continue to make progress towards that goal for all drivers.

Linux: Driver Support is Key

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