I’ve been using a small utility called eee-control on my Asus Eee PC 901 netbook with Ubuntu. eee-control lets you take control of the hardware on Eee PCs. Some of these controls, like the performance modes, were easily accessible in the default Asus Linux distribution but not from Ubuntu. It includes:

  • on/off toggles for the wifi and bluetooth radios, the camera, and the SD card reader
  • front-side bus performance modes including over and under clocking
  • sensor readings for temperature, fan level, and fan RPM
  • hotkey setup for extra buttons
  • smarter fan control

I would absolutely recommend eee-control to anyone using Linux on an Eee PC. Be sure to turn on the smart fan control feature because with it my system is much quieter and even silent at times. By turning off the wireless radios and using powersave mode I can now push my Eee PC 901 to six hours of battery life.

Installing eee-control on Ubuntu is easy. Download and install the latest deb package provided by the author of eee-control. Reboot so that the eee-control daemon can be started. When you log in you should have a new Eee icon in your desktop’s notification area.

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