Yesterday I finally got up to date and installed Ubuntu 8.10 on my desktop. Other than some slow software mirrors, everything has gone smoothly.

Ubuntu 8.10 default desktop

It’s a good idea to download new Ubuntu releases from BitTorrent to get the fastest download and ease the load on the servers. I found the official list of torrent downloads here:

I burned a copy of the live-CD and booted it up. Using a root nautilus file browser window, I moved all the configuration files and directories (the ones with names starting with a dot) to a new directory. This is so I can keep my home directory, but start fresh with the default settings for most applications.

The install went smoothly, except for the scanning the mirror portion which took a long time to complete.

On the newly installed desktop, I moved the .mozilla and .wine directories back into my home so I get my Firefox profile and fake Windows installation.

Before updating or installing drivers I needed to switch to a faster software mirror. I did this using System->Administration->Software Sources and selecting the other option in the Download from box. The mirrors in Canada were in pretty poor shape. The main server for Canada was not responding, and I got 404 errors a few others. I ended up with, which has been nice and fast.

After finding a working mirror, I couldn’t install updates because something was locking apt in the background. I had to reboot before I could continue.

I installed these packages next:

A while ago I turned off displaying desktop icons. Since then my ~/Desktop folder has become so full of files that now they don’t even fit on the desktop. Hide desktop icons by running gconf-editor, and setting this value to false:

Fonts on the new system just didn’t feel right until I installed my .fonts.conf again.

How has everyone else’s upgrade gone? Enjoying any new features in particular so far?

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