Cairo-Dock is a system dock similar to Awn and the dock in Mac OS X. It’s not as fancy as Awn, but Cairo-Dock is very configurable and supports some slick graphical effects.

Cairo-Dock at the top of the screen

Open the Cairo-Dock download page. You need to download two DEB packages: cairo-dock, and cairo-dock-plug-ins. Download the latest version of each.

Install the cairo-dock package, and then cairo-dock-plug-ins by double-clicking them.

Launch it from Applications->System Tools->Cairo-Dock. The first time Cairo-Dock is run, it will open the Manage Themes dialog. Select a theme and click OK. The dock will then launch.

Right-click on the dock to access configuration, as well as add and remove launchers.

There’s a documentation page with a lot more information.

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