Looking for some Ubuntu themes? The GNOME themes extras package provides two excellent themes and some popular icon themes.

You’ll need to have the universe repository enabled. Install the package gnome-themes-extras from your package manager, or from the terminal:
sudo apt-get install gnome-themes-extras

Open System->Preferences->Appearance. You’ll find two new complete themes:



Click the Customize button and select the Icons tab. you’ll find four new icon themes: Dropline Neu!, Foxtrot, Gion, and GNOME-Alternative.

I’m using Unity with the Gion icons, which looks great:
Unity with Gion

Something similar to the Unity theme, with orange highlights (which can be set in Colours tab) the would be a good default theme for Ubuntu. It can keep the Human colours without being overwhelming.

Thanks to Jayson Rowe for pointing out this package of themes.

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