Update: Firefox 3 Beta 5 has been released, click here for updated instructions.

Mozilla Firefox Beta 4 was released on Monday, March 10th. Want to try it out today in Ubuntu? Here’s an easy one line command that will install it in Ubuntu (or another Linux distribution) alongside your existing Firefox. Please note: the Firefox 3 Beta 4 release is intended for testing purposes only.

This post is an update to my previous instructions for Firefox 3 Beta 3.

Firefox 3 Beta 4 robot

Backup your profile
Before you run Firefox, you may want to backup your profile from Firefox 2. I haven’t had any problems sharing the profile so far, but don’t let Firefox 3 update update your extensions when it starts to avoid incompatibilities. This command will backup the Firefox profiles folder to firefox_profile_backup in your home folder:
cp -r ~/.mozilla/firefox/ ~/firefox_profile_backup

If you need to restore from the backup, do so by replacing the hidden .mozilla/firefox folder with your backup.

Install Firefox 3 Beta 4
Let’s install Firefox now. The command below does two things: it downloads Firefox to your home directory using wget, and extracts the Firefox folder there. Copy and paste the command (it’s one line) and run it in your terminal:
wget -P ~ ftp://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/firefox/releases/3.0b4/linux-i686/en-US/firefox-3.0b4.tar.bz2 && tar xjf ~/firefox-3.0b4.tar.bz2 -C ~

Once that command has completed, you can delete the firefox-3.0b4.tar.bz2 file in your home directory.
rm ~/firefox-3.0b4.tar.bz2

Run Firefox 3 Beta 4
Before running Firefox 3, close Firefox 2. Double-click the firefox file inside the firefox folder in your home directory, or run this command:

You can add Firefox 3 to your GNOME Applications menu using the menu editor in System->Preferences->Main Menu.

If you have any problems installing Firefox, feel free to leave a comment on this post.

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