It’s not the complete redesign that was planned and canceled, but two new themes have been added to Ubuntu 8.04. The new GTK themes are Human-Murrine and Human-Clearlooks. The Human icon and Metacity themes are unchanged. Currently, Human-Murrine is the default in up-to-date Ubuntu 8.04.

The most distinctive feature of Human-Murrine is shaded application menu bars. Buttons are square and highly glossy. Here’s a screenshot:

As the name suggests, Human-Clearlooks is based on the new GNOME Clearlooks theme. Mousing over widgets turns them bright orange. This theme seems to be unfinished; as you can see in the screenshot below, toolbars have a completely blank background.

A nice feature in Human-Clearlooks is the focus indicator around widgets. The dotted black squares have been replaced at last with something easier to see and prettier. In this screenshot you can see a button being moused over as well as a button with focus.
Focus indicator

I’m hoping the default will be changed from Human-Murrine to Human-Clearlooks. They’re both nice (and need further tweaking), but I prefer the distinctive matte buttons over the shiny ones, as well as the pretty focus indicator.

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