Google doesn’t support KDE’s Konqueror web browser for their web applications. However, using Konqueror’s browser identification settings it’s possible to get Gmail working.

Open Konqueror, click Settings on the menu, and select Configure Konqueror. Select Browser Identification from the list.

Konqueror Browser Identification

Now you need to add a site specific identification for Google. Click the New button. Type for the site and select Safari 2.0 from the drop down box. (The Mozilla 1.7.3 setting also works.) Apply the settings and Gmail should be working.

Everything seems to be working fine but slowly in Gmail except for the chat feature. Switching to standard without chat view speeds it up. As for other applications: Reader is half-working, and the others I tried got stuck in an infinite loop of redirects.

Maybe when KDE switches to the Webkit for rendering Konqueror will become more compatible.

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